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linocut workshop, 6 and 9.2.2012 with Donatello De Mattia, special thanks to Cecilia Nelli Advertisements

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when you draw a body (when you draw everything) you should think to the physical extension of this body into the space. you should imagine the weight and the warmth of this body to give him reality. you have to … Continue reading

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after holidays I completed mid term evaluations. in the meanwhile, the EXERCISE 14 was to go out and copy a choosen view: you sit down with your pencil and a sheet with an hard back behind. when you copy something … Continue reading

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first we spoke about notebooks and carnet de voyage: inside-the-designers-sketchbook eliinbar-sketches-2011 tiastudio ruthrosengarten designboom urbansketchers and carthography¬† and psycogeography you have now to tell your next holidays in a narrative way: you can have your diary on a notebook, or … Continue reading

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testing shadows we passed from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions. today we will understand how light works and how we can represent shadows using shading 1) shading (EX 10) copy this image on an A4 sheet using rules and a … Continue reading

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today we spoke about silhouettes. a silhouette can define an object or can become a shape. this new shape might become a mark, a neutral figure that could cointain everything. do you remember when you were children and you tried … Continue reading

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2 _ 11.21.2011

perception of outlines (betted, edges) of something is one of the most important skills to draw it. between the object and us there is air, light, our state of perception, etc: it might be difficult sometimes to understand how to … Continue reading

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