the EXERCISE 17 was held in couple.

the aim was to tell a short story (put drawing into narration) in 2 frames (2 A4 drawings).

the first one is drawn by one of you and the otherone is your model; for the second  one you will exchange roles: the artist will become the model.

you can use text if you want.


for the next time

– you have to tell a story on your A3 sheet in 8 frames (BOARD 10). Think to comics and storyboards.

the particularity of your story is that the first frame – the beginning of the story – has to reproduce the contents of BOARD 9 (draw it again, smaller, to fit it into the frame); the last frame – the end of the story – has to reproduce the contents of BOARD 1 (the object, draw it again).

ok the journey inside developement of the object is completed…

– …take a picture of each BOARD you did and bring the files;

– bring each BOARD. we will choose together the image you will use for linoleography workshop of next week.

– bring the t-shirt (or pants, undershirts.. – it only has to be cotton made and light colors) you want print on during the workshop;

– please make a Photocopy of EXERCISE 17 on an A3 sheet: you should put the two drawings of your story on the same page. do 3 copies – one for you two and one for me.

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