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when you draw a body (when you draw everything) you should think to the physical extension of this body into the space. you should imagine the weight and the warmth of this body to give him reality. you have to … Continue reading

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anatomy and canone

there are different Canone of proportion to draw human body. here you can find some a link with proportions for the head remember that is is mor easy to draw a body in perspective if you inscribe the body into … Continue reading

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remember that your body is made by hard and soft parts. touch your own body to understand where it can be bent, where you can press and where you can’t, how you can keep and lose balance, wich parts can … Continue reading

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perspective is a way to represent reality, not the only one. while perspective draws a perfectly geometrical world, we know, for example, that human eye see less than 180° pretended by perspective rules. Between us and reality you have light, … Continue reading

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after holidays I completed mid term evaluations. in the meanwhile, the EXERCISE 14 was to go out and copy a choosen view: you sit down with your pencil and a sheet with an hard back behind. when you copy something … Continue reading

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