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first we spoke about notebooks and carnet de voyage: inside-the-designers-sketchbook eliinbar-sketches-2011 tiastudio ruthrosengarten designboom urbansketchers and carthography¬† and psycogeography you have now to tell your next holidays in a narrative way: you can have your diary on a notebook, or … Continue reading

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testing shadows we passed from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions. today we will understand how light works and how we can represent shadows using shading 1) shading (EX 10) copy this image on an A4 sheet using rules and a … Continue reading

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shadows theory is based on scientifical studies about optics and propagation of light. on wikipedia a definition of optic you can find more about how light and vision work on Light and Matter, by Benjamin Crowel (here also) than we … Continue reading

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here some example of tecnique of shading: bruegel, courbet,  delacroix, durer, seurat, lichtestain  (looke on wikipaintings for references and more images) and contemporary artist and videomaker alexander schellow

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today we spoke about silhouettes. a silhouette can define an object or can become a shape. this new shape might become a mark, a neutral figure that could cointain everything. do you remember when you were children and you tried … Continue reading

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