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here you have c. boltanski, “ombres” installation; c. parker installation; t. alnaes shadows experimentations; w. kentridge “return” series of photo and films. william kentridge lotte reiniger’s silhouette cinema (stop motion animation, 1935) making-of lotte reiniger we spoke a little about … Continue reading

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2 _ 11.21.2011

perception of outlines (betted, edges) of something is one of the most important skills to draw it. between the object and us there is air, light, our state of perception, etc: it might be difficult sometimes to understand how to … Continue reading

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some idea for your  notebook how to make it: esther k. smith’s book about binding: just start from here and try and test 1, 2, 3   how to use it: moleskine and here le corbusier’s carnet de voyage, the … Continue reading

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betty edwards

Excerpts from The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain By Betty Edwards Five basic skills of drawing The global skill of drawing a perceived object, person, landscape (something that you see “out there”) requires only five basic … Continue reading

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1 _ 11.14.2011

To learn drawing you just need to draw and draw, a lot. During this course we will develop 3 tools: – drawing excercises at school on different subjects – drawing excercises at home (developing of a project) – a notebook … Continue reading

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